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Trails West - Carbondale Apartment Units
  Your Apartment in Carbondale, Illinois

We are local landlords offering 2-bedroom  Carbondale apartment with individual outside entrances.  Our small complex consists of four 4-plex buildings and is located in a quiet professional/grad student neighborhood less than five minutes (by car) from the SIU campus.  

Amenities include off-street parking that is well lighted, secure laundry facilities, and a good study environment with reasonable utilities in spacious 2-bedroom apartments.  

Many of our tenants choose to live alone since our rates for both upstairs and downstairs units are competitive with  many local 1-bedroom Carbondale apartment units.  All Carbondale apartment units feature modern berber carpet and have been recently upgraded with new high-efficiency air conditioning units. 

Our downstairs Carbondale apartment units feature large bay windows in the living area and the upstairs Carbondale apartment units are spacious with a large living room, large bedrooms and a walk-in closet.   If you're considering living with a roommate, you may want to consider an upstairs unit (if available) because of the extra-large living area.   Standard telephone, cable TV and high-speed internet connections are available and the Saluki Express (public transit) directly serves the property on the hour.

Be sure to note on the photo pages, at the bottom of the thumbnail column, in addition to photos, there is a floor plan detailing room sizes and total square footage. 

Grocery and other retail opportunities are within walking distance and many of our tenants ride bicycles to campus.

PRICING:  Be sure to view our Pricing and Availability page for all of our pricing options, current availability, specials or sub-lease opportunities.  

PET POLICY: While it's not an issue for most, we don't allow pets. 

MAP:  For a location map, click on the following link:      Click for map.    Please note the back route to campus: South on Westridge; right on Old Route 13 and then immediately left on Tower straight to Chataqua (Tee intersection); then left on Chataqua (East) to campus.  You will see the communication building when you meet Oakland and Law School is immediately to the right.  This takes about 4 to 5 minutes depending on your driving habits, and at most times of day, even though it is slightly further,  is faster than fighting the traffic on East Grand Avenue/Park Street/Warren Road area East of campus.

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